What to Remember When Moving Aged Parents to New Home

There comes a point in almost everyone’s life when the roles are reversed, and they have the assume the role of “care-taker” for their parents. Some of our aged parents are in better physical or mental states than others. Some may need help walking, while others may be grasping for their words and forgetting faces. Regardless, it may be difficult for them to care for themselves and their homes.

Credit: Wagner Sidlofsky LLP

Moving parents out of their longtime home is an exhausting feat. Not only is the process of moving material objects an arduous task, but it can be one that is difficult for the elder to accept. Here are a few tips that will make that transition easier.

Ensure your parents feel they were a part of the decision making

Credit: UK Seniors

Consider an estate sale company

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Make sure you can easily access important documents

Mark Shalloway is an elder and special needs care attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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